Hold Me Tight® is a two-day intensive weekend workshop for couples.

Everyone needs a secure bond with another. This bond offers us a safe haven in the world. Couples get in distress when they become disconnected and that bond does not feel secure. This is a transformative workshop based on the therapy model Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy by Sue Johnson. This workshop will help you better understand romantic love and the pivotal moves and moments that define you relationships. It will help you better understand yours and your partner’s emotional responses and needs and you’ll be able to describe and control negative interactions and spirals that create pain and distance. You will be able to shape the positive moments of reaching and responding that create a secure bond. A safe, loving, lasting love is entirely possible if we have a map. This is an educational workshop that provides that map.

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What is a Hold Me Tight® workshop and who is it for? 

The Hold Me Tight® workshop is a registered trademark of Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. It is for any couple who may be struggling in their relationship, or any couple who wishes to strengthen their bond and connection with one another and deepen intimacy.

How will this Hold Me Tight® workshop help us?

In your relationship you may wonder, why do we fight about such petty things. It seems like an argument starts over how someone loads the dishwasher, and the next thing you know, it has escalated to harsh words and silence, both of you bewildered, wondering how this happened. Maybe you don’t really fight, but there is this quiet distance between the two of you, a great divide that you feel helpless and hopeless to bridge. Or maybe there has been a betrayal that has occurred, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to put it behind you and trust your partner again. You wonder why these hurts from the past can’t seem to let go of their grip on you, and it comes up again and again, much to both your dismay.

Maybe you wonder why the ease of your relationship early on when you laughed together and had such fun, seems to be filled with a lack of knowing what to say to each other anymore. These and more are stories I hear from couples all the time who come to therapy. They still love each other, they still want to be with each other, but they don’t know how to connect with one another anymore. They are stuck in feelings of resentment, bitterness, loneliness and isolation and they aren’t even sure how they got there and, even if they may have some ideas about how this happened, they certainly don’t know how to find their way back.

That’s what this workshop is all about.

What will be doing during this workshop?

There will be portions of the workshop where we will meet as a group. You will not be asked, nor required, to participate during group time. You will primarily be presented with information and in learning mode. You will then break off into private time with your partner to do various exercises. As you and your partner work through these exercises, therapists will be checking in with you and available if you find yourselves a bit stuck.

Through a series of seven conversations, as a couple, you will learn:
•    The science of attachment, with our wired in need for connection, acceptance and support from our intimate partner
•    The patterns of interaction that prevent or sabotage the very closeness we seek
•    To become aware of those patterns when they appear, and learn to stop them
•    To establish new patterns of communicating and connecting, based on love and the need for attachment
•     To carry their new understanding and new skills forward in time, to continue to nourish, deepen and grow their relationship.


Please go to http://www.eftknoxville.com/hold-me-tight-reg.html for more information and to register.

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