True healing

Our negative emotions (pain, fear, frustration) serve a purpose. They let us know that something is going on within us that needs attention.

When we experience physical pain, it is the body’s way of alerting us that something is not quite right and needs attention. If we were to just medicate that pain without looking at what’s causing it, we can inadvertently cause more damage. 

Such is the same with negative emotions. Our culture wants immediate gratification and happiness and has lost sight of the valuable growth that comes from delayed gratification and understanding and “feeling” emotions. Many are in the habit of numbing or avoiding their negative emotions. Whether it’s through prescribed medications, or self-medication techniques like drugs, alcohol, porn, sex without love, etc. Emotional pain is an indicator that something is not right. And if you allow yourself to feel it, examine it, understand the thought process and behaviors behind it, then you can do the necessary work to grow, to move through it and create healing. The problem with this method is that it’s time consuming, it’s not a quick fix. However, it’s a longer term fix and allows for a deeper connection with yourself and the important people in your life.

Individual Counseling

Finding your way

If you are an individual struggling with an issue or are feeling unsatisfied with your life and/or relationships, counseling can help.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, difficulties in mood, trouble with decision making, dealing with or trying to recover from a past or present trauma, individual counseling can help you identify the negative thought patterns that are getting in the way of creating a happy and satisfied life.

Individual counseling can help deal with postpartum depression, cope with grief from experienced loss, or heal from pain of past trauma. Whatever issue you might be dealing with, having a compassionate safe place to talk can help along with a skilled professional that can help create change.

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