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In this e-book, you will read about many tools to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship. My one rule as you read this is for you to focus on yourself. All too often, people are focused on what their partner needs to change or improve in order to repair the relationship problems. However, the only power you have over change in your relationship is yourself. As you read this, focus on becoming the kind of partner you want to be, and strive to be the kind of partner you want to have. Here you can preview some of the keys you will find in the e-book.

Trust and Friendship

I put this one first because it is the foundation of any relationship. Friendship has to be nourished. Friends stay in touch and ask each other how their day is. Friends treat each other with kindness, fondness and respect. Friends keep expectations low and acceptance high.


Although you each bring different things to the relationship, different opinions, values, contributions, strengths, the value of what you bring is equal.

Support and Encouragement

When you choose a partner to commit to, you are choosing a person to experience this roller coaster of life with. In this task, you become each others support. In doing so, it is important to work together, not against each other.


In order to reach compromise, you have to be willing to listen to your partners point of view, respect and value that point of view, express yours and find a middle ground that is accepted by both of you.

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