Christian Marriage Counseling in Knoxville

Christian Marriage Counseling is also available from Healing Hearts. Working out a couples relationship through faith will bring two partners in a difficult marriage back together into a deeper partnership. By using communication, prayer and intention, you can re-establish a loving relationship in union with the Lord.

For some couples, having a Christian perspective can help deal with difficult marital issues. Whether you are dealing with communication issues, financial difficulties, conflicts and arguing, infidelity, past hurts and distrust, christian marriage counseling can help guide you toward growing and learning together, understanding each other on a deeper level, forgiveness, rebuilding honesty and trust, and strengthening your connection to each other and to your faith in God.

Christian Marriage Counseling focuses on principles of dignity, kindness, respect, honesty, integrity, boundaries, love, giving, and how those principles relate to your marriage while keeping God in focus as the guidepost for your marriage and family.